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p151507qProcrastinator turned initiator – An interview.

“I am honored and so excited to be here, the fact that I am not pinching myself senseless right now is a miracle, and yet not a surprise. I knew this opportunity would come, years ago.” – Brittany is quoted saying right before the show.

Sound Crew: “And we’re live in 3-2-1,,,”

Mel: ” I want to introduce you to a woman who found success, not on accident, but by creating a very clear and well-defined plan, built around her life’s purpose. She is a mother of two beautiful children, a supportive wife and a Certified Ophthalmic assistant who sees herself as an active seeker of truth. Brittany Martinez.”

“Brittany, I am going to cut to the chase, because I know that we are all interested to know, just how did you get here?”


Brittany: “Thank you Mel, I am grateful to be here speaking with you. That question is difficult to answer because what led me to where I am can be trailed back to my childhood. To put it simply however, one of the major turning points for me was the moment when I realized that behind failure stood bad habits and behind success stood good habits, based on priceless principles.  So, in order to find success, to follow through and make my goals more than just scribbles on paper, I had to replace my bad habits with good, simple and constructive ones. And no, creating a habit is not easy, but it can be fun and is absolutely worth the effort.

Mel: “I see! And what, would you say, was your greatest bad habit turned good?”

Brittany: (finishes a sip of tea) “Procrastination, hands down. That was an ugly one, especially tough to replace because it’s roots ran deep in my family. I grew up seeing it hold my parents, uncles and grandfather back from achieving a lot of their goals in life and it really did take me awhile to realize that it was a problem that could be overcome. Once I did understand this, the way I looked at things started to change.  I saw that instead of dreading the to-do list and continuously going up against fear of failure, I could get excited to tackle a plan of action and see myself as a success during the process not just on the other side of it. The phrase anything is possible when you put your mind to it finally became relevant!”


Mel: “So describe for us a day in your life, now that you are free of the procrastination bug.” (soft laughter)

Brittany: (genuine smile and chuckle) “Ah yes, well, my days are exciting! I wake up with my goals in sight and can feel the satisfaction of reaching them before I even begin a task.

My youngest keeps us all melting in adoration which helps in re-learning the in’s and out’s of the baby stage. I get to watch my son Solomon grow into the role of big brother every day and I feel like crying with the happiness that is exploding from my core. I feel so beyond privileged to be a parent, it’s an honor, I see that now.

A few years ago when I started in the field of Ophthalmology I knew that I wanted to make it part of my career path and I longed to be a master of my trade and excel within the field of medicine. However I allowed myself to be distracted by other opportunities and discouraged with negative self talk. I was mostly talk, and only partial walk. Thankfully one of the best opportunities that I have ever gotten distracted by was shared with me by a friend and I took it.  It was a online course. I was given simple tools and guided to dig deep; I discovered the true me.

I have reached a level of self confidence that led me to new levels of proficiency at the clinic I work at. I have been offered multiple positions of leadership and feel like I really am making a difference by providing excellent care to our patients and also supporting my co-workers knowledgeably. I truly enjoy what I do for a living!


I eat nutrient dense and colorful, organic meals every day which I believe contributes to having healthy levels of energy and awareness. It really brings me peace of mind knowing that I am caring for my body, or as a dear friend of mine likes to say “earth suit,” in every way that I can. I have even conquered my sweet tooth for processed sugar and have fun getting creative with natural sweeteners. This was a huge victory! (large grin)

Mel: “It sounds as though you have reached a place in life where balance has been found and happiness is abundant. Congratulations! Now I’m curious, with all this excitement and change happening in your life, has the relationship with your husband been affected?

Brittany: “Yes, it certainly has been affected.  Through the process of sifting through all the beliefs that were handed down to me, the unnecessary opinions clouding my view on life and accepting myself completely, I found that I had a new appreciation for my husband and an abundance of love for him. It is true, we are busier than before but the time that we do spend together is more meaningful and I guess that we spend it differently too. There’s a lot less screen time in our home and much more creative activity. Alex and I write, compare notes and set goals together. I think it boils down to the fact that through constant repetition of practices that focus my mind on the good in life I am easily able to recognize my husbands strengths rather than his weaknesses and see us as equals, in a healthy sense. I suppose that it is just like Ralph Waldo Emerson said, We must be our own before we can become another’s.” I now see myself as being complete!

Mel: “Interesting, so even with the additional responsibilities as parents of a newborn, job promotions and work in the kitchen, you have experienced growth in your relationship.”

Brittany: “I have! I will also add that my husband I are now on the same page as far as finances go. This was a big accomplishment for us as it has always come up in arguments and fueled tension between us. He no longer feels like he has to hound me on the excessive number of trips to the grocery store and I am not catching myself bitterly snubbing him because of yet another purchase of the newest electronic gadget. I finally said goodbye to my ego and saw the value of a budget. Putting 15% of my earnings into savings has given me a new sense of peace of mind knowing that it something happens we will have a nest egg to fall back on.

Mel: “That’s fantastic! The sense of peace and certainty that I hear you speak with are things all love to see more of in our own lives.  Could you leave our listeners with one stepping stone of advice to get them started in the right direction to finding success in their own lives?”

Brittany: “Absolutely! Commit to making a change in the way you view your life and start now. If you find that this is hard to do(it was for me!) or do not know where to start, go through the MKE. It is life changing! The untainted you is just waiting to be rediscovered.”

Mel: “Thank you for your transparency here with us Brittany and for sharing your story with us. And that’s it for now folks! Until next time.”

Sound Crew: “Cut!”