Week 14 – Rudy

As I sit at my desk and reflect on the story I just watched, I feel so very grateful to know what I do. Because of the understanding that I now have of the power of thought, a burning desire as well as the practice of visualization, I was able to appreciate so much of the … More Week 14 – Rudy

Week 12 -Purpose

Find your purpose. It’s heard of often, told to you by your grandfather or mentor, printed on the pages of self-help books and cute quote boxes that we see posted on Facebook, but how many of us truly understand the reasoning behind this piece of advice? I know that I didn’t before reading and being … More Week 12 -Purpose

Week 10 -First break

First break is almost up and through it I have experienced some victories I have also found some areas that need to be improved upon. I will primarily focus on the victories. My initial thought when hearing that we would get a break was, “yes, finally! I will be able to catch up and address some of … More Week 10 -First break