Surprise! – Week 11

I realized something pretty great this week! I was excited to observe that my mysterious mind which never sleeps has begun to really reflect all the positive and constructive information that I have been intentionally feeding it over the past few months. 😃 For example, when I am tired, every once in a while, my … More Surprise! – Week 11

Travel – Week 9

My son and I traveled from the islands back to Washington state for the holiday and a wedding, it was wonderful! Ever since I was a child I have gotten excited about traveling, but since living on a small island I appreciate the idea and opportunity even more. 😊 So, you can imagine my excitement, when … More Travel – Week 9

Shine – Week 7

Oh what a wonderfully full week this has been, and its only half-way through! 😄 Full of growth, challenges and even discovery. Most exciting of all is that I have chipped through whole lot of cement and found a new level of golden self acceptance and truth. Since a young home schooled junior in high-school I … More Shine – Week 7

Changes – Week 5

I was excited to observe that for the first time ever I did not dread writing assignments! Writing has never been a strength of mine and I find that there is a sort of cloud that hangs over me leading up to and during the process of writing(this may stem from some perfectionist tendencies of … More Changes – Week 5