Week 21 – Inspired by you

My heart is so full!!! For the first time in awhile I was able to read a good handful of my classmates’ blog posts from this week back-to-back and what a privilege it was! To get a glimpse of so many different perspectives, and hear of many different experiences that were directly related to the good habits which we have all worked so diligently to create in our lives. The most interesting and inspiring part was to hear of the way which real life and all its challenges were being addressed!! It caused for an overwhelming sense of gratitude to wash over me for the tools and knowledge that I now have because of my journey thus far with the MKMMA.

Seeing how this dream of the amazing Mark and Davene has manifested in a way that is effecting so many lives and in such huge, impactful ways, has planted a seed of belief in my mind and given me a perfect example of what happens when there is a knowledge of ones power, the courage within to dare and the faith to do. Wow.


So believe, dare and act I will, in my own life! with God and my Definite Major Purpose set as my focus, the daily habits always at hand and this beautiful team of people, spread across the globe, who have chosen also to make great change in their lives surrounding me.



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