Week 20 – I persist until I succeed

My alarm woke me this morning from such a deep, dreamy, slumber (Uh, where does the time go?!). As my body, feeling heavier than usual, pulled itself up from the sheets and clumsily rolled out of bed I didn’t have any sense of excitement for the day ahead of me. This was odd. Since incorporating a sacred hour into the last portion of my day, which includes connecting to my Definite Major Purpose, naming gratitude’s, reflecting on positive past experiences and a few other components, I have experienced great positive energy and gratitude when my eyes first open. I allowed myself to think this through and explore it a bit as I went through my morning ritual while doing my best to shake the drowsiness that was clinging on intensely. I thought back to the night before and quickly remembered that I had forgotten a couple of steps, one of them being the poem titled, ‘Guy/Gal in the glass’ during which I have learned to truly connect with myself and evaluate the progress that I made throughout the day honestly.

I had the option to stick with this heaviness or substitute it for something else. The beautiful thing was that in that moment my inclination was not that it would be easy and preferable to stay and dwell in this place but rather, I felt a wave of decision wash over me that came so effortlessly. It seemed to be a simple reaction, rather than a conscious, purposeful decision to reach for the better. To rid myself of destructive thought patterns or feelings and be my best. It was the first time that I have consciously recognized that my new blueprint is truly making an impression on my subconscious. 😀 (I am choosing to celebrate my successes!)

As a human, I have experienced that strong pull towards the negative and struggled when having come to the crossroads of decision in whether or not to accept or replace, the dark, heavy stuff always seemed easier. I am sure that you can imagine the joy that filled my soul when this experience gave my subconscious the chance to put all of the tools that I have learned during the Master Key Experience to use; victory over the old blueprint occurred!

While preparing my morning cup of tea I glanced up and the blue rectangle caught my eye, and there was the  excitement that I had been missing, clearing out the sleepiness in my mind as I entered into, lady with a mission mode. I am creating a long-lasting, prosperous legacy for my children and I am succeeding. 😀


4 thoughts on “Week 20 – I persist until I succeed

  1. We all have those times when we seem “heavy” it’s cool that you spotted a shape and “observed”. A shape would have made no difference to me just a short time ago,or a color for that matter.


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