Week 19 – My silver lining

This off week was a struggle. My old blue print was coming at me with vigor and, I have to admit, it was winning the battle more often than not. I almost began to believe that this opportunity to change for the better, to grow, strengthen and truly follow through in reaching my goals was, in my case, a myth. It went as far as effecting productivity in my business, my health and relationships through the entire first half of the week! Then I chose to act outside of what felt comfortable and shared these experiences and challenges with a friend (funny how saying things out loud can suddenly lessen the magnitude of an issue). Through the process of talking, and pushing myself to be honest in what was really going on, I realized that yet again, I was being given a HUGE opportunity to utilize the wealth of tools and knowledge that the MKE has so generously bestowed. And that if I were not growing, if this all really was too good to be true, then I would not be where I was at because, God only allows us to face what we are capable of handling. I am now capable! How exciting is that? Is it easy? – of course not, but is it possible? absolutely.

Over the course of the past two days I have noticed that other people’s opinions of me, existing or not, seem less relevant. My future self is becoming more clear and I am beginning to feel a sense of familiarity when Thursday rolls around and I am experiencing  ‘coffee with a friend’. Observing the concept of being true to oneself is no longer just that in my mind but rather blossoming into action. I feel as though my life, and I mean true, overflowing, passionate life, is worth fighting for and also protecting. At last, not a one connection with mediocrity or complacency exists within my thoughts. I believe that the cement has officially been cracked on this golden Buddha and how interesting it is to see that it took such great moments of disconnect and floundering to bring me here.





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