Week 17 -To do, or not to do

I had a great conversation with my mastermind partner the other night during which she made a very good point. Let’s first re-wind…
 Have you ever been in a place in life where you feel like that cartoon which shows a guy standing at a crossroads and instead of having two, maybe three directions displayed there are about fifteen? They all have their pros and cons but overall, are good options right. If you answer yes then you can most likely recall a sort of tense, overwhelming anxiety that clouded over your days, heart and mind. Well, let’s not linger on that point, the reason I ask is because I hear talk of this situation often among my friends, family and sometimes even co-workers and have experienced it myself. I would engage in conversations with this as the topic and the intention to problem solve our way out of it but would walk away with little clarity and even more noise in my head to deal with. What can one do?!?! It’s exhausting. This is what much of the last ten years of my life looked like, with 2016 being the exception. 🙂 There’s a better way to go about making decisions.
  It is wonderfully simple. A burning hot flame of desire has been allowed to burn and with that a whole lot of clarity has shown itself. Time, reflection, visualization, focus and love come together to create a Definite Major life Purpose. Most importantly however, the real decision to ‘Do It Now’ is what is needed before all that awaits can be revealed and given to you.
 Back to my Master Mind conversation. It was pointed out to me that a individual’s purpose should become so ingrained within them that every decision made, big(such as a move across open seas to an island? 🌞🌈) or small(should I take advantage of that electronics sale and spend my resources on a new computer?) should always be in alignment with it. Among many incredible aspects, this makes moving forward in life and choosing which direction to take a simple decision rather than an overwhelming stress factor.
It is more manageable than I could have imagined but takes a person’s one-hundred percent commitment. There’s no turning back for me and I pray that the same goes for you, wherever you are at on your journey.

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