Week 16 -Kindness

Where to begin? This week has been full. Focusing on kindness has brought moments of joy and even a few opportunities to give more but it has also been a lot more challenging than I expected.

  My attention was required in other areas so heavily that it was all I could do to start my day with the intention to find kindness. It was a struggle to not be so self absorbed in what the day ahead had in store that I completely missed acts of kindness that I am certain were happening all around me. Hmmm, so what will I do differently? Two more days during which I plan to…. start again. 🙂 I am rejecting my old blueprint and the urge to wallow in negativity and going for a do-over. Kindness is everywhere, including within each of us.

12 thoughts on “Week 16 -Kindness

  1. I, too, was at home all week, having been snowed in, and finally went out today. At first I almost forgot to look for acts of kindness, and then reminded myself and saw them everywhere. Several people in the grocery store actually paused for my husband and I to walk past them, kind of like when in traffic. HAHA! The store was very crowed. The cashier commented on what great shoppers we are, having purchased a full cart of healthy food for a great price, and I was smiling at everyone, and received smiles and greetings in return. So, it is and amazingly kind world after all!


    1. This is beautiful Eliza! What a blessing it is to be able to shine our light wherever we go, even if it is simply to the grocery store. Thank you for taking thw time to share your experience with me! It was encouraging to read. ☺


    1. You know, just weeks ago I would have whole heartedly disagreed with you James,,, but I think that I am beggining to get the hang of becoming my own best friend and truly loving myself through the challenges. So yes, they are great! 🙂

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